1. when you tell sehun he’s handsome

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  2. when only hyuk appreciates jackson’s talent

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  3. Suho’s Word of Wisdom

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  4. damthemboys:

    when did baekyeol have a kid?


  5. cheppo:

    u kno they dead


    (please full view! prints will be available next month) (it was sasha’s fault)

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    look a t my  fucking hair its ? mess

    wait wtf that’s my face

    wtf you have my face



    the parent trap: modern au

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    Hey kids wanna buy some drugs

    Welcome to Florida

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    These are like the polar opposite of the infomercial gifs

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    Nutella Poop Prank

    Vine by Lance210

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  11. park juhyun representing spica and telling it as it is

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  13. "My best day had to be the day after I wrapped Guardians of the Galaxy. I was very homesick and coming home to my wife, and my home, and to my son, who was at the time 13 months old. My wife told me there’s a chance he won’t recognize you—but that’s okay that happens all the time. He doesn’t know, he might be a little shy…"

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  15. make me choose: the hunger games or the maze runner.

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