1. completely devastated about charles and alli trippy’s split it up.

    I want nothing more but happiness for the both of them. Im sad to see this in the ctfxc family. we will support you in everything.  Please stay strong i know this journey  is a hard one.


  2. When I did my informative speech about YouTube lol. This was like two three years ago. I can’t believe I forgot about this. #ryanhiga #niggahiga #ctfxc #charlestrippy #allitrippy #raywilliamjohnson #ijustine #juicystar07 #blair #elle #michellephan #bubz #shanedawson #youtube #vids


  3. love charles for doing this for his wifey 

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  4. Mad that I can’t go to
    Vidcon this year :\
    My Goal To go Next year and meet Ctfxc, shay tards, ijustine
    Jenna marbles, Shane dawson, Ryan Higga, Kevin jamba, rwj, elle&blair, and many others


  5. Watching #youtube love #justinspeed


  6. Hahah nono it’s all good! Yeah I think I was introduced to them by the Shaytards as well. And I was like aw charles is so cute, and then saw alli and was like aw she’s so pretty. and then together i’d be like Y U GUYS SO PERFECT. ;p

    i havent been able to talk to anybody about ctfxc or youtube. nobody has understood my obsession over it. lol thats why im looking for you youtube lovers. :) to create a fan base and be able to talk about it. 


  7. dont know why i find this hilarious 


  8. HI new FOLLOWERS who love CTFxC as much as i do!!! Welcome to my blog and  thank you for following :)

    dont be afraid to speak to me. I really want to get to

    know people who love charles and alli like i do. 


  9. ive missed like two weeks of CTFxC :(


  10. Charles trippy has a baby face lol

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  11. lol

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  12. what the hell i never saw this and i watch all of the vlogs 

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  13. themanyfacesofcharlestrippy:

    “I realize that I never knew him but the truth is that his products he and his team have created have given me all the amazing opportunities in my life. They allowed me to express myself and my creativity along with millions of others. You will be missed Mr. Jobs!”

    this ^

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  14. Haha poor Charles

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  15. catching up on some CTFXC lol