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    My questions:

    1. If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you own?a freakin tea cup yorkie. Ive always wanted one but damn they are expensive.
    2. Favorite food? erm mexican? I eat that everyday lol ‘cause im mexican
    3. If you could live in any place in the world, where would you live? i dont know South korea or  near a nice beautiful beach or near nature. Lots of trees mofo
    4. Any hidden talents? i can make my fingers move like a worm? idk lol 
    5. You’re randomly given 1 million dollars, what would you do with it?id pay my parents house, get a car, a laptop and move out. 
    6. QUICK LOOK TO YOUR LEFT. WHAT IS IT? my ds games lol
    7. What is your favorite childhood memory?Playing outside all day in this field that use to be beside my house. 
    8. When’s your birthday? // How old are you? its in the hottest effing month of the year. JULY! im 23 
    9. This isn’t really a question, so I guess I’m breaking the rules, but I’m having a difficult time creating questions - but that’s okay though right? its cool you are cool/ 
    10. Do you spend an unhealthy amount of time on tumblr? ugh yas i need a life 
    11. Do you accept Grace Helbig as your Lord and Savior? i dont even know who she is lol so no . 

  2. Anybody want to chat?
    Kik: darsal20


  3. while everybody is still having a betch fit  about loof i’m just going to go listen to kpop and play minecraft PEACE!

    now please take some chan chan and head on your way


  4. there’s so much chanyeol on my dash today  i love it :O

    chan chan approves


  5. Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

    Class ended and now I’m waiting for a mate of mine to meet up, but this guy went to go eat so now I have to wait. I just want to go home and sleep lol. Omgosh spring break here I come. Blah


  6. completely devastated about charles and alli trippy’s split it up.

    I want nothing more but happiness for the both of them. Im sad to see this in the ctfxc family. we will support you in everything.  Please stay strong i know this journey  is a hard one.


  7. omgosh the bloopers were amazing 


  8. what is life lol tagged by a fellow friend just-a-haru

    1. What do you find comfort in?  Music. especially when i stress out. i always listen to classical and video game music

    2. Any guilty pleasures? looking at all dem hot korean men half naked

    3. Describe you typical everyday outfit. Um just a like a band t shirt and some jeans with my hair down. i have shot hair. 

    4. What do you look forward to the most in a day? come home and relax. usually by watching yt or kdramas
    5. Favorite song? i love osts of dramas. i dont have a fav one right now. 
    6. How do you have your nutella? on a waffle with strawbs
    7. Strange habits? i smell my hair a lot i hate it 
    8. Water person or soda person? watta!!! i like soda but water is better for you
    9. Secret thing you love that no one knows about? kpop i suppose 
    10. How long do you typically sleep? depends i stay up late a lot and i get up super early. depends how tired i am
    11. How’s school coming at you? (it’s killing me) im so ready for spring break but then im not. the next couple of semesters are going to be critical. Im almost finished!!

    your turn! 

    1. What defines you?

    2. What helps you when you are stressed out?

    3. Top five bands?

    4. what is one thing you could change?

    5. Describe a day in the life in your shoes?

    6. Are you interested in someone at this moment?

    7. Do you read books? if so what are you reading?

    8. Who is someone you look up to?

    9. What is something daring you would like to do but don’t have the guts?

    10. Are you ok?

    please answer i would love to know more about you :) and tag me if you decide to do it. nambang zutaracookie at-atsaremadeofcake jink-i   


  9. watching emergency couple. im on the last episode. omgosh all the feels

    imageso many good and bad things going on like why!?!?!?


  10. They finally arrived!!! So happy :) I can`t wait.

    I want to make this the best experience i can.

    I don’t know how i’m going to get there but i will lol. I hope that i can see my followers or people i follow. it would be an awesome adventure 


  11. unitedkrunnersblog replied to your photo“Um for once I did a wing eye liner. No big deal. All my feels for exo…”
    gorgeous!!! <3
    you never fail to make my day friend. :)

  12. ill be going to the LA KPOP festival 

    i actually got the opportunity to get tickets. I was lucky

    However i am deeply saddened that a lot of fans weren’t able to get tickets.

    what pisses me off even more is that people got free tickets just to sell them. WHY?!?!?!? tell me what is the point. you are robbing them of something that was free and for what? so that there will be empty seats. Seriously people are messed up. 


  13. just-a-haru replied to your post“so sad. i’ll be going to the LA kpop Festival alone again anybody…”
    I’d go if I lived closer!!!
    Haru! Awe i know you’re a great friend and we would have a blast. I do wish you lived in cali and we’d go to concerts together. It would be amazing! im a sad panda now 

  14. so sad. i’ll be going to the LA kpop Festival alone again

    anybody want to go with me lol any takers?


  15. omg!!! i cant i cant!!! 

    seriously just watched  the last ep of my mad fat diary 

    and omo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats all i have to say :’(

    i cant get over it 

    one more. such an ending wow