1. When I say no, it’s no. Now stop.


  2. "You’re my earth air water fire."-exo


    1. I miss you...
    2. I'm sorry you can't celebrate this day with me.

  3. so i’m finally getting around to editing my La korean festival video and as i watch, man i’m getting so many feels. It takes me back to a good day

    i really enjoyed the concert even though i was so far away, and i literally had to zoom in with my camera to see clearly. It was still an awesome time. I was accompanied by my closest friend. There were so many great artists and they sounded amazing. The crowed was jamming and everybody was having a good time. Take me back take back. It was such a dream come true to see shinee, 2pm, and so hee perform. 


  4. Nor I’ve found something that is more addicting then tumblr. @SphereSmp ;_; what is life. I’ve met such great people already


  5. moms home :)


  6. Can I just die
    It’s way to hot to be outside right now.


  7. Because she hates me haha


  8. foreverbabolove hello!! :)


  9. I want to be loved to ;_;


  10. Hello?


  11. Seriously I can’t even walk properly. I can’t even sit on the toilet. In so much pain. ㅠ_ㅠ le cries.

    My friends dragged Me to hell


  12. Omgosh no :@


  13. looking for a new admin on ig. I run an all runningman fan account on ig. I need some help posting or i will have no other choice but to stop updating. I really dont want to because its been hard work for two years.

    if you would like to know more about it please message me



  14. i am literally sobbing with all the fan cams

    omgosh my boys i am so proud. I cannot believe your first concert. 

    its been rough these past couple of weeks but lets celebrate. keep striving and keep being the lovely dorks that you are. I will support you always.